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Services Overview

Hydraulic Static Load Testing Systems

Loading capacity of 400,000 lbf in both tension and compression tests featuring our patented dual pressure closed loop hydraulic loading system.

Electromechanical Test Frames - Floor & Bench

Rugged electromechanical testing machines test metals, composites, rigid reinforced plastics in tension, compression, flexure, shear, tear and peel.

300 Ft-Lb High Energy Impact System (adjustable)

Pendulum impact tester can be easily changed from a ASTM to ISO configuration. These testers are used for determining the impact resistance of metals

Micro-Vickers and Knoop Hardness Testers

Our digital Micro Vickers & Knoop hardness testing machine can accommodate a wide variety of test pieces. High Load Macro testing available as well.

Rockwell and Universal Hardness Testers

FH line of  hardness testing instruments are built with exceptional stiffness and rigidity. The closed loop system delivers superior repeatability and results.

High Strength Concrete Compression Testers

Tinius Olsen Series of digital compression testers feature highly robust frames for exceptional stability when testing concrete cylinders or cubes.

Testing Machine Inventory List

Demo Lab Equipment

Computer-assisted data acquisition and machine control systems can be supplied with most Tinius Olsen testing machines. These software packages allow data to be automatically collected, analyzed and, where appropriate, graphed or displayed, while providing total control of testing operations.